Recruitment for this study has now closed, thank you to all who have participated to date.


Publications from this study are summarised HERE.




Please see the links below for free comprehensive and expert-reviewed online resources about IBS, IBD, Gastroparesis, and Coeliac disease. These websites developed by Associate Professor Simon Knowles also provide a free evidence-based online psychologically-focused resilience program to help individuals living with IBS, IBD, Gastroparesis, or Coeliac disease. 


Irritable Bowel Syndrome: (Formerly 

Inflammatory Bowel Disease: (Formerly 

Gastroparesis: (Formerly 

Coeliac Disease:  

Bladder and Bowel Anxieties (also known as shy bladder, shy bowel, and incontinence anxiety): (Resilience programs for BBAs to be made available late 2023).